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I used to have a pretty terrible diet. Lots of frozen 'heatables' like chicken things, spring rolls, pies etc and lots of huge jar/packet dinners like jar indian, heaps of white rice, pasta bakes, etc etc. Also lotsss of sweet stuff like donuts, cakes, lollies etc. I've changed my diet lately and I feel so much better for it, it's amazing. Here is the stuff I eat now (that I never ate much of before, at all):

- fetta
- grilled haloumi (I was just introduced to haloumi recently, I love it so much)
- leafy green salads with greek dressing or white/regular balsamic vinegar
- sundried tomatoes
- cherry tomatoes (I used to hate tomatoes :P)
- red onions
- olives
- sliced turkey from the deli
- museli with milk (I never ate breakfast really before, I am enjoying the experience :P)
- fresh mushrooms
- small beef/kangaroo steaks
- huge amounts of vege mixes
- wholegrain english muffins/pita bread/regular bread (regular bread for the rare sandwich, I usually use pita)
- light dairy spread
- sliced chicken that I put in experiemental stir fries which involve soy sauce, rice wine vinegar and random spices from my pantry, plus ginger and garlic
- eggs (rarely)
- springwater tuna
- walnuts
- honey cashews
- dried apricots
- roasted chickpeas
- strawberries (sooo many strawberries.. I've gone through 3 punnets this week ><)
- raspberries
- bananas
- sweet plain yoghurt
- green and peppermint tea

..and that is absolutely all I usually eat (I always have water with meals, and throughout the day, I did this even before I decided to eat more healthy foods. I don't like soda/juice all that much unless it's being mixed with alcohol :P). I eat berries and yoghurt after meals instead of cakey desserts like I used to. I decided I would let myself go off this 'diet' on the weekends, so I've occasionally had takeaway indian food and mcdonalds, but I find I don't enjoy it so much at all anymore. I don't even want cakes anymore. o_o I'm getting real pleasure out of eating light, healthy foods. so deliciousss~ :3
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I need parenting advice. :( I don't wanna post on the parenting comms tho, cos I am scared of most of the people there.. really I just read them for the entertaining dramz. :P

Pandora has been terrible lately. I'm not sure if it's because she's been through a lot of changes lately with moving house & such, or if it's just a three and a half year old phase. She's been so frustratingly naughty, it's driving me nuts. Some of the things she's been doing lately:

- she opened and poured a packet of jelly crystals across the kitchen (that was a bitch to clean up ><)
- she finally figured out how to open the fridge and destroyed my raspberries and strawberries as well as a whole packet of sliced cheese (she ripped the cheese slices to shreds, combined the shreds with the berries in tupperware containers - which she got out of the cupboard, and is not allowed to touch - and then poured water on them)
- she took stuff out of the bathroom - including my housemate's hair wax stuff - and smeared it everywhere
- she drew all over the coffee table and rocking chair with whiteboard marker (easy enough to clean off but, gah!)
- she constantly yells at me/argues with me, about eeeverything, even the smallest things
- whenever I take her out anywhere, she whines, complains, runs away, refuses to hold my hand, begs to go on those blasted coin ride things, begs for things from vending machines, and throws tantrums
- I avoid taking her to fun places like the park etc because she always, always throws a gigantic screaming tantrum when it's time to go home
- whenever she does something naughty and I get angry, she always says "I'm sorry Mama, I won't do it again" but this means absolutely nothing. Ditto with going to the toilet, every time I change her pullup (or undies if I'm feeling up to it that day) she says she will go to the toilet next time, she never does

Some of this is partly my fault, as she gets up earlier than me in the morning and doesn't wake me up (as she did in Canberra). She turns on cartoons herself and eats snacks from her snack cupboard, and wreaks havoc on the house.

Bribing with rewards does not seem to work. If I tell her I will give her something or other if she is good then she will tell me she doesn't want said reward. Threatening with punishment seems to work better. I am crap at carrying out said threats though. Today however (after the jelly crystals incident) I stepped it up a bit and told her that every time she did something naughty I would chuck away one of her toys. She has a metric fuckton of toys and I need to get rid of a bunch of them anyway. She had ruined a colouring book with water and jelly crystals so I started with that. She didn't like that at all and promised she would be good. Later on when she started repeatedly taking the childproof lock off the cupboard (argh why do I even have it ><) after I told her not to I chucked away some crappy Cars pencil holder thing, this time it seemed to sink in a bit more, she got upset and told me she would be good from then on. I've since been talking to her a lot about throwing away toys when she starts being naughty, and it seems to be working. My question is.. is this a good way to be dealing with this crap? Does anyone have any better suggestions? I don't really know what I'm doing, here.. all I know is I'm tired and have been feeling super crap lately and I really don't need this shit. I want good Pan back. :(
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from parenting101 - "Does anyone else have children who seem to have a gland in their brains that produces PURE FRIGGIN CRYSTAL METH for about 45 minutes or an hour before they are ready to abruptly collapse and sleep for the rest of the night?"

I lol'd. Definitely Pan. :P

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My medusa piercing is infected and my top lip is like three times its normal size. My lips are big as it is so it looks pretty rediculous.. like I've had way too much collagen injected. :P It hurts, a lottt. :( It's my fault for not looking after it properly.. I packed my sea salt a while ago (when I thought I'd be out of here a lot sooner) and have only been cleaning it with the special soap I was given. The jewellery in it is now far too small and is squeezing the lip. Incredibly painful >< I thought it would get better on its own but it's just been getting worse since the weekend, so I finally went to the doctor today, who prescribed me some antibiotics and Panadeine Forte. It should be better in about five days.. just in time for moving day. Until then.. ima stay drugged up with Panadeine and trying to keep the swelling down with ice. owwww

still so much packing to do :(
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Pan writes & draws :D

Pan is really into drawing lately. On the weekend we went into the city and got pancakes, rode the merry go round and bought heaps of drawing stuff for her from Eckersleys. Thismorning she drew this:

She told me "The mama octopus is hugging the baby octopus". dawww x3

She's also getting super good at drawing letters. We've been doing a lot of practising - she asks me to write a word, and traces over it. She wrote her own name by herself for the first time on Sunday:

I directed her by telling her what letters to write but she did all the letters herself.. so proud xD She insisted on putting a random "7" in there after the first A though :P

I also bought a new printer/scanner on the weekend, it was super cheap. JB Hifi was so crowded and it was hard to find someone to ask if it would work with 64bit Windows 7 (my old printer does not) but when I did they were very helpful. And this new printer is all kinds of awesome. A lot smaller and lighter than my old one and prints/scans ten times better. :D

meanwhile.. RIP Leslie Nielson :( Just finished watching The Naked Gun in tribute.. I'd forgotten how awesome that movie is ^_^
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yay for night out

I am quite happy, because I was able to go out in the evening tonight, mid-week, for the first time in ages. Last week I interviewed some babysitters, and tonight was the first test run for one of them (a childcare worker called Ashley). It went really well. ^_^ Evyn and I went to a comedy night at Civic pub, which started terrible but ended up really good. I met a couple of his work friends.. they were both cool but one of them I really liked (an American girl called Amanda). She commented on my Meta skirt which made me happy (tonight was also the first time I'd been out of the house in lolita.. well, casual lolita) and said she bought brand Japanese clothing as well. :D

anyways I am clearly too happy & tispy (had a few black russians) so I am going to go watch new Futurama & sleep. :3
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there is a lot more I could write about.. since moving to Canberra, lots has happened. But I just have this question ~

I've been driving my car almost every day, usually to take Pan down to her school & back on Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays, and to the local shops. Occasionally I have driven to the city & back and further afield than just around O'Connor, but Evyn has been in the car. These local trips have been the first time I have driven my car by myself, and I've improved heaps just from driving my car everyday, practising reversing & turning around out of the garage, parking in the parking lot at the shops (I can do the diagonal parking spaces fine, the straight ones I have a little trouble with ><), etc. I don't have my license, only my learner's permit, so this is all pretty illegal. Especially since I am supposed to switch my NSW learner's over to an ACT learner's before I do any sort of driving.

But my question is.. should I just go for my P's? Or should I do all the annoying stuff that is involved with getting an ACT learner's permit? I feel like I am doing fine practising this way but driving around illegally is making me nervous.

I need to practise reverse parallel parking at some stage (haven't done it since driving lessons in Ashfield) and work on my steering technique, which is terrible. Apart from those things, I think I drive pretty well. Somehow I continue to drive car from point A to point B without any disasters happening, anyway.
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