February 26th, 2011


omnom foods

I used to have a pretty terrible diet. Lots of frozen 'heatables' like chicken things, spring rolls, pies etc and lots of huge jar/packet dinners like jar indian, heaps of white rice, pasta bakes, etc etc. Also lotsss of sweet stuff like donuts, cakes, lollies etc. I've changed my diet lately and I feel so much better for it, it's amazing. Here is the stuff I eat now (that I never ate much of before, at all):

- fetta
- grilled haloumi (I was just introduced to haloumi recently, I love it so much)
- leafy green salads with greek dressing or white/regular balsamic vinegar
- sundried tomatoes
- cherry tomatoes (I used to hate tomatoes :P)
- red onions
- olives
- sliced turkey from the deli
- museli with milk (I never ate breakfast really before, I am enjoying the experience :P)
- fresh mushrooms
- small beef/kangaroo steaks
- huge amounts of vege mixes
- wholegrain english muffins/pita bread/regular bread (regular bread for the rare sandwich, I usually use pita)
- light dairy spread
- sliced chicken that I put in experiemental stir fries which involve soy sauce, rice wine vinegar and random spices from my pantry, plus ginger and garlic
- eggs (rarely)
- springwater tuna
- walnuts
- honey cashews
- dried apricots
- roasted chickpeas
- strawberries (sooo many strawberries.. I've gone through 3 punnets this week ><)
- raspberries
- bananas
- sweet plain yoghurt
- green and peppermint tea

..and that is absolutely all I usually eat (I always have water with meals, and throughout the day, I did this even before I decided to eat more healthy foods. I don't like soda/juice all that much unless it's being mixed with alcohol :P). I eat berries and yoghurt after meals instead of cakey desserts like I used to. I decided I would let myself go off this 'diet' on the weekends, so I've occasionally had takeaway indian food and mcdonalds, but I find I don't enjoy it so much at all anymore. I don't even want cakes anymore. o_o I'm getting real pleasure out of eating light, healthy foods. so deliciousss~ :3
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