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there is a lot more I could write about.. since moving to Canberra, lots has happened. But I just have this question ~

I've been driving my car almost every day, usually to take Pan down to her school & back on Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays, and to the local shops. Occasionally I have driven to the city & back and further afield than just around O'Connor, but Evyn has been in the car. These local trips have been the first time I have driven my car by myself, and I've improved heaps just from driving my car everyday, practising reversing & turning around out of the garage, parking in the parking lot at the shops (I can do the diagonal parking spaces fine, the straight ones I have a little trouble with ><), etc. I don't have my license, only my learner's permit, so this is all pretty illegal. Especially since I am supposed to switch my NSW learner's over to an ACT learner's before I do any sort of driving.

But my question is.. should I just go for my P's? Or should I do all the annoying stuff that is involved with getting an ACT learner's permit? I feel like I am doing fine practising this way but driving around illegally is making me nervous.

I need to practise reverse parallel parking at some stage (haven't done it since driving lessons in Ashfield) and work on my steering technique, which is terrible. Apart from those things, I think I drive pretty well. Somehow I continue to drive car from point A to point B without any disasters happening, anyway.

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