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yay for night out

I am quite happy, because I was able to go out in the evening tonight, mid-week, for the first time in ages. Last week I interviewed some babysitters, and tonight was the first test run for one of them (a childcare worker called Ashley). It went really well. ^_^ Evyn and I went to a comedy night at Civic pub, which started terrible but ended up really good. I met a couple of his work friends.. they were both cool but one of them I really liked (an American girl called Amanda). She commented on my Meta skirt which made me happy (tonight was also the first time I'd been out of the house in lolita.. well, casual lolita) and said she bought brand Japanese clothing as well. :D

anyways I am clearly too happy & tispy (had a few black russians) so I am going to go watch new Futurama & sleep. :3

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