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Pan writes & draws :D

Pan is really into drawing lately. On the weekend we went into the city and got pancakes, rode the merry go round and bought heaps of drawing stuff for her from Eckersleys. Thismorning she drew this:

She told me "The mama octopus is hugging the baby octopus". dawww x3

She's also getting super good at drawing letters. We've been doing a lot of practising - she asks me to write a word, and traces over it. She wrote her own name by herself for the first time on Sunday:

I directed her by telling her what letters to write but she did all the letters herself.. so proud xD She insisted on putting a random "7" in there after the first A though :P

I also bought a new printer/scanner on the weekend, it was super cheap. JB Hifi was so crowded and it was hard to find someone to ask if it would work with 64bit Windows 7 (my old printer does not) but when I did they were very helpful. And this new printer is all kinds of awesome. A lot smaller and lighter than my old one and prints/scans ten times better. :D

meanwhile.. RIP Leslie Nielson :( Just finished watching The Naked Gun in tribute.. I'd forgotten how awesome that movie is ^_^

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