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My medusa piercing is infected and my top lip is like three times its normal size. My lips are big as it is so it looks pretty rediculous.. like I've had way too much collagen injected. :P It hurts, a lottt. :( It's my fault for not looking after it properly.. I packed my sea salt a while ago (when I thought I'd be out of here a lot sooner) and have only been cleaning it with the special soap I was given. The jewellery in it is now far too small and is squeezing the lip. Incredibly painful >< I thought it would get better on its own but it's just been getting worse since the weekend, so I finally went to the doctor today, who prescribed me some antibiotics and Panadeine Forte. It should be better in about five days.. just in time for moving day. Until then.. ima stay drugged up with Panadeine and trying to keep the swelling down with ice. owwww

still so much packing to do :(

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